Buchtel is located in Southeast Ohio, in Athens County near Nelsonville.

This website will post information about the village, including its history.

Here is a comparison of the water quality between Nelsonville and Leax water supplies.

Environmental Author Chad Kister lives between Buchtel and Nelsonville, and he owns and manages the Bessemer Hostel on his Homestead. He has also preserved the metal tracks from an old coal mine in one of his buildings.

The Bessemer Hostel has beds for as little as $10/night.

I have a perfect spot, between my property (4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville OH 45764) and Route 78, for the corps of engineers to build a lake, and reduce local flooding. The area is now a hay field. Just dig a hole, more than 200 feet (after environmental analysis of course), and run a ditch utilizing ONLY the floodwaters from Monday Creek to fill it up, not taking water from the creek when the water is low. There is also a spring, and runoff from the Nelsonville schools. This project would create critical recreational opportunities in one of the most impoverished parts of Ohio, as well as a tourism spot to help revitalize the local economy. The lake would also create a critical water reserve, as many places around the US are running out of water. Money from the fill material, sand and gravel would probably pay for the project itself, while creating massive benefits to the community for all time to come. The lake to be area is near the new route 33 bypass exit, so it could be easily accessed by anyone in Ohio. With flooding currently in the area, this would be a great time to look into this proposed project. With most reservoirs, with a dam, there are safety and engineering concerns for all time to come because if the dam fails, that could cause a massive tragedy (I have been to the Johnstown flood museum in Pennsylvania). But with this project, there would be no safety or engineering problems that can cost massive amounts of money (like Dow Lake).